Book ponderings~

Faith is believing in what you know to be false….

Very little is more irritating than the speech patterns of someone we know to be intelligent yet who is ignorant of grammar and correct usage.

He admired her strength until it overshadowed his. Then he sought to diminish her. She acquiesced well past the time she knew she should have stopped, sadly she was hoping he would have admired her resolve and her independence, he wasn’t man enough for her.

They all tried to change her, from muzzling her when she spoke her mind, to putting her down for daring to show she had a mind of her own.

She awoke one day to realize she hadn’t met a man yet who would have the balls to be a man. The balls he carried were nothing more than a scratching post or a couple of play things useful for warming up a cold hand.

Don’t be a Republican. They are self-dealing crooks with no sense of honor or patriotism to their fellow citizens. If you must be a Republican, don’t be a “conservative.”  They are whining, bitching, complaining, simple-minded self-righteous idiots who think they’re perpetual victims.

Go out and live life. Make real friends that are there for you and will have your back.

Don’t gay bash. Don’t mentally or physically abuse people because of who they are, or how they present themselves. It’s none of your business to try to intimidate people into conformity.

Doings and going ons~

Reading, I have been breezing through some books, tomorrow I will post some titles and brief synopsis’, just in case any fellow reader is interested in a good title.

I went to the salon today, I walked out with the same look I went in with…I need a stylist with balls…guess I need to find a male stylist, surely he’d have balls. I just want someone confident enough and willing to just grab some shears and whack away. I used to love that part, having a customer put their hair in my hands and giving me the freedom to just try anything…oh well…eventually I’ll find someone or just do it myself.

Just poured myself a glass of wine, will finish that, finish this and then call it a night, at least as far as my online activities go…I’ll be up reading….books are my life…does that sound pathetic to anyone else besides me?

Open your eyes and see~

Knock me out already, pinches useless pastillas~

I see that it is a little after 3am and another sleepless night is here…I got laundry going, read a book and a half, went through my inboxes and finally cleared out some old emails, replied to some that I had missed and forwarded a few. I am also starved, but I don’t want to get into the habit of eating at these crazy night-time hours…so I lay in bed listening to my belly beg for food….also it doesn’t help to hear boy # 1 and his friend in the kitchen using the microwave and heating up food…cause I still smell it and it makes me hungrier.

Sunday funday~

The wind is blowing something fierce…or at least it sounds fierce…I think later today will be good to do some yard work…I doubt if the boys will like that idea, being that they get to carry out my wishes/demands. But I have to get my house in order and being that I am not physically able to do it on my own they are stuck doing what I can’t. They probably will resent me for this….that is another one of those things that being disabled or less able sucks…I would prefer to be out there alongside them raking and helping them bag the leaves….which I will freecycle. As crazy as it sounds, someone was looking for leaves….so I will post them.

Life is shitastic~ rescue me~

We have a battle with the poo gods…the toilet is spewing its poo out…yeppers it is clogged…not a fun thing to have to deal with on top of everything else…but that is what makes my life so wonderful…shit.

Harks back to that old thing about I make my bed I lie on it…or not…totally sucktastic.

I'll be back ~ in the after life~ just you wait and see~

I swear if there is life after death I will be reborn as something other than what I am now…I haven’t decided yet what that will be…I don’t even know if I get to decide if I can be this, that or the other….but if I get a choice I am not coming back as me….well….I take it back…I’ll be back as me….Ruby Cantu 2.0….with all the knowledge I have, all the good stuff…yes Virginia there is good stuff….you just haven’t seen it….not many have…I don’t share those wonderful attributes with too many….just a lucky few….but if and when I come back….I’m gonna play this game totally different….why….well because I am totally aware that I have squandered the greatness that could have been and then the shit gods took care of effing up the rest of my potential….no, not really I take full responsibility….I just like to cast blame here and there but I am the ONE, the only one responsible for all that is…or isn’t…

or Woman up...take your pick...dummy

Now if more people would Man up or Woman up then this world would be a better place….but not many have the balls that I have, I have some massive balls and they are my own balls, whether I took them from somebody or just grew them, either way they are my balls, and they are bouncy balls, purple and black, and they don’t really bounce or anything fun like that…they just are…decorations.

So what am I rambling about…who knows…I blame it on the meds….or my sanity/insanity….or it could be that I am hungry and delusional….

On becoming a woman~

When I was 10 an unexpected visitor woke me up in the middle of the night, rushed me to the bathroom, and left me bloodied and scared. I woke up a woman….then I came to learn that I’m bigger than a Chihuahua, smaller than cotton balls or any other type of balls, and just about as angry as a three legged cat. Surviving these next couple of months will hinge heavily on the ability to continue with the pain killers….or other medication…and if my temporal lobe remains free of any major hemorrhaging….I predict a new deadly species of life sucking parasites will be named after me…so anywho I’m under house arrest until September when I go back to my mutilator Doctor for my 3 month check up, all I can do is hope that the next trip yields a release of sorts. In the meantime I am to continue doing nothing but rest and heal.

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