To Helen Back~

Left this morning at around 10ish for an appointment I had at 2:15….due to financial issues I was unable to stay overnight so I returned, arriving around 7pm, too long of a day…but good news, nothing broken, bad news…the sudden onset of pain was indeteminate. I’ll be returning to hell Austin in December….I’m tired of the long drive out there. FML.

To Helen Back~

AKA Austin, TX

I left around noon on Sunday, checked in and got a bit of rest…I had made arrangements to meet up with an old friend from high school. She isn’t really old, she is younger than me but we met my senior year in high school and became fast friends. We hadn’t seen each other since then but have been keeping in touch via Facebook and MySpace.

It was so good to see her and we picked up like there had not been this great span of time since we last saw each other. (Over two decades) She brought a friend along and I hit it off with her and know she will be a friend. We hope to meet up in San Antonio for all things girl…like shopping. We went to a restaurant where we ordered 3 appetizers and drinks…our table had way more food than we could possibly eat, but we tried. Time went by and next thing they were closing, so we went over to a different restaurant just down the street and ate more chips and salsa along with another round of drinks.  Sadly we had to call it a night but we will continue to keep in touch.

They dropped me off and I went to my room, took a shower and tried going to sleep…sleep was alluding me, so I messed around online for a bit, then gave that up and tried reading myself to sleep…again sleep is not my friend…I say sleep is an asshole.

I turned the light out, threw my pillow over my head and tried really hard to at least snooze, I dozed off for a bit, and felt refreshed enough to get up, get dressed, pack my bag, check out, head out, refuel, stop for coffee and a light breakfast, then head to my doctor’s office. I got there about 15 minutes early and was actually called right on time.

New x-rays were taken, nothing broken, that is good news for my overdue 6 month check up….yay for that, that was my biggest fear. But bone is not being laid over the hardware as fast as we would like, thus causing my recovery to go slower than we would like. I did get a referral for aquatic therapy, now I need to find a place to go to that will accept my insurance….let’s also hope this is affordable to me, as I will still have  a copay and at 2-3 times a week it might be out of my financial abilities. Guess I can starve us some more…I don’t want fat kids or my own ass to get fatter.


Ahh..Monday, so we meet again. You dirty bitch. ~

Started another Sandra Brown book, I’m about half way thru it, may or may not get it all read tonight…had to take a break from it as my eyes were dry and my vision blurry. Have a doctor appointment coming up, still need to schedule my appointment in hell aka Austin…so not looking forward to that drive. May try to schedule it for a Friday and maybe get a chance to see an old friend while there.

My belly has been all tore up, so I thought I’d fix it with some ice cream…I don’t think that was the solution to the problem….now my belly is more tore up. Damn it! 😦

Talked to my favorite child, boy # 1, school is going well….miss him, he can make me laugh, all 3 of my boys can make me laugh, sometimes I just laugh at them, and that’s all good. Laughter is good medicine.

I am beginning to get more comfortable with laughter, it’s like I have given myself permission to enjoy life…not 100% where I once was, I’ll never be at that level, but I’ll take what I can get.

Well I guess this is it for now, I’m off to immerse myself in a world of make believe.

I’ve always been crazy, but it’s kept me from going insane~

I am back from hell…AKA Austin, TX….I didn’t get the good news I had been hoping for. There will not be physical therapy at this time.

Let me take you back in time.

In 1982 I had my first surgery for scoliosis, a Harrington Rod was used to correct the curvature of my spine.

Harrington Rod

In 1996 it was removed as the rod had broken.

Harrington Rod ~ Broken in half

I lived without any hardware in my body from 1996 until June 2009.

Yes, I got screwed~ they are titanium~

In December 2009 another revision was done which included more hardware. The images above were taken this morning, you can see all the screws that are holding me together. I’m sorta Bionic, but not really.

mudflap girl

This reminds me of the image on the right. (the bottom screws)

Sunday randomness~

Sitting across from boy # 1 and this is what I hear….

“I don’t know anything, I’m drunk….off of boudin…I got nothing”

….yep that’s what he said….he had nothing…

In a couple of days he is leaving me, so we are spending some time together, he got to drive Miss Daisy (AKA my old crippled ass) one last time to my doctor’s appointment.

Ima gonna light a fire....

So anywho we went to eat at Pappadeaux, had the Jumbo Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp on a bed of dirty rice with some Boudin sausage and some french bread. We split the meal and I still managed to feel stuffed and have left overs.

On our drive there I took these random photos…just because….

then here we are in the hotel room sitting across from each other….being weird….and random.

Boy # 1



Sunday Funday part dos

So the boys and I left San Angelo this morning at 11:45 and got here close to 4pm, lots more traffic than normal and the never ending road construction….but we got here safe and sound. I was jostled here and there and that hurt, but overall I still feel that the pain level is under control, most of the pain is due to soreness and of course being split open again….LOL.
After getting in to Austin, we checked in, got our stuff out of the car and then headed out to eat. We ended up at BJ’s and the food was good, a bit of a bite on something off the appetizer platter, but after hospital food, no complaints. Derrick got a burger and Andrew got the grilled shrimp tacos, I was pretty much stuffed off the appetizers, Bert got a pizza and I tried eating some. I was thinking I would have room for dessert…nope.
So anyhoo Boys 1 & 2 are back, they are watching TV and I will wait for them to watch something a little less lowbrow.
I’ve got a gazillion emails I need to look at and quite a few to respond to. I should have brought a book….but oh well….the boys are quite entertaining.

☻Sunday Funday

Not fun but I’ll try to make it so. Today we head back to hell….aka Austin, this time it’ll be me and the 3 kiddos. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to remove stitches on my back and I’m sure xrays. I figured it would be better to break the trip down, get there, check in, go eat and then chillax some more. It’ll be good to bond with the boys, share a room like we used to do when we did more traveling.

I’ve been following doctor orders and have done very little but rest and relax. The pain level is still under control, aches and pains here and there, but having just undergone two major surgeries, it is to be expected.

We have our stuff packed, waiting on Boy # 1 aka the driver to get in gear, then we can load up and hit the road….the long, now very familiar, much despised road.

An update of sorts….

I came to hell AKA Austin, Texas on Wednesday, I did my pre admission and lab work then had to come back to the hospital and give them some of my blood. Then went out for dinner, then back to the hotel.

Ms. Laurie

Thursday was a long day of waiting around then on to my next Dr. visit…after that met up with the Fabulous Laurie Zieber  She Speaks to Inspire fame.

Ruby Cantu & Laurie Zieber

We enjoyed a little visit then went off to get some sleep…not very much sleep on either count.

Friday (EARLY) morning we heard our wake up call, which neither one of us wanted to listen to….but slowly we made it, took a few wrong turns, but got there in good time, didn’t have to wait to long, got escorted real quick.

I got into my surgical attire and then proceeded to get screwed. Not sure how many screws were used this time….

I woke up and felt pain relief on my back, but my belly is still swollen and tender.

And I just got out of bed, I didn’t take any steps, but it felt good to move.

I had many friends and family doing their prayerfull thing and I truly apprecitate every single person who has extended their heartfelt wishes for/to me.


The beat goes on~

my blindness makes you pretty

I popped my contacts out, so I’m flying blind here, just got up to check on the boys, boy # 2 is crashed out, boys 1 & 3 are still awake watching a low budget movie….I got my coffee pot ready for tomorrow, flip of the switch, power goes on and that magical morning brew is ready to deliver life enhancing energy…or something like that….

Tomorrow I need to get my car fueled up for Monday’s return to hell…otherwise known as Austin, which wouldn’t be hell, but since I only get to go see doctors I will consider it hell, if I was going there to visit, shop, eat or have fun then I would be kinder in my description. I should have had boy # 1 do that since I had him use my car, maybe I’ll get him to do that tomorrow, I’m sure he won’t mind using my car in exchange for feuling her up.

Also on my agenda will be moving summer stuff around and pulling out fall & winterish stuff out…not that I really need to do that, I’ve been living in pj’s for the last 4 months or so, I rarely wear actual clothes anymore which kinda sucks as Ihave a bunch of jeans I bought before this ordeal…clothes don’t work very well with my shell.

Boy # 2 is now awake…and coming in here to terrorize me, got to love these boys. I will need to send them out for milk tomorrow morning, I feel like making french toast, I’m sure they will enjoy that.

Well I don’t have much to report…I gave up on getting any idiots on the phone, I’ll work on that again next week, I lost the motivation after getting my mail and looking at a bill for $10,000+  for one of my doctors….guess now I know where my 401K is going….sheesh what next….

Happy thoughts…I made cake, cake was good, is good, I didn’t eat it all…yet…tomorrow I will work on it….good night my peeps & peepettes.


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