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So I am officially hanging out my shingle! I have scheduled my first wedding…I’m both excited and nervous…the whole standing up in front of a crowd will be a challenge…but I’m up for it…I’ve met with the happy couple and they have quite a story to tell…which I won’t be sharing…but nonetheless I am quite honored that they chose me to officiate. It will be a quiet little affair, they’ll have a few friends and family, sadly most of their family is not on board but they are defiantly fighting for their right to be together. I’ve even been invited to share in the festivities after the I do’s….I might have to hunt up a date….and I’m so not into dating….my gift to them will be no charge for officiating…being that this will be my first time and if I screw up…well…I won’t screw up…but it’ll help me with the jitters for the next time…


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Paying it forward…

First off I am thankful for the family and friends who have reached out, your doing so means the world to me….and as much as I hate crying…as I see it as a sign of weakness…I’ve bawled like a baby…..but I am much closer to my goal of getting to see my son graduate.

Now to the paying it forward part….as I have been going through things to get rid of to raise money I came across a young family headed by a single mom that was in need of food and clothing, some of the things I had earmarked for fundraising I instead let this mom take her pick, as for food I didn’t have much but she was able to complete a few outfits that will serve her well at her new job and there were some items that her boys will be able to use as well. Her gratitude brought me to a new wave of tears….we chatted and laughed about some of the struggles we have gone through, she felt embarrassed to be going through the bags of clothing I had set aside…I was able to put her at ease and she will be back for a haircut…I’m nervous about that, I haven’t cut anyone else’s hair in quite a while….but she can’t afford a haircut and it won’t cost me anything to help her out….I wish there was more I could do for her but she is a strong woman and she will be fine. Funny how life works…https://rubycantu.wordpress.com/2015/10/02/yes-id-like-you-to-hit-that/.


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New week…

So this will be week number two with my new schedule, Mon-Thur with a 3 day weekend….yay me. For so many years now I’ve had crap schedules, I made the schedules work in part because I had no choice…unless quitting was an option….which it wasn’t cause I didn’t have anything else lined up. It is hard to find a job that will not tax me physically…this one taxes me on a different level. Two things I hate, phones and talking to people on a phone…oh the irony….lol. By the time I get out of there the last thing I want to do is look at a phone…there are exceptions…family and a few select friends…this weekend I didn’t want to leave for fear I would miss a call from my son…I didn’t miss a call….he wasn’t able to call….I hope this week I’ll get to hear from him….let him know my new schedule, see how he is doing….this is a new chapter for both of us….and I’m off…want to get in a bit early every day….any overtime I can get will help…I have future travel planned and every single extra penny needs to be saved.

***Donations gladly accepted….just hit that donate button on the right.

Much love! Have a great week.

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This year has been brutal, plumbing problems and repairs, central air repairs, vehicle repairs, the bazillion and one flats (I’m at 30+) tire repairs and replacements….just can’t seem to catch a break…then someone is screwing around with my accounts….I wish I knew who I pissed off or who has decided to be a dickwad, asshole, bitch, fucktard….I just can’t fathom who would go out of their way to make me their target. And I say repairs because it has been like putting cheap ass Band-Aids that won’t stay put…I’ve debated doing a police report on my flats….yes it is vandalism and destruction of property, not to mention that someone is getting on to my property to fuck with my vehicle. For that matter this asshole could also be fucking with my AC unit as well as the plumbing, all that shit can be fucked with from outside….I’ve thought of taking matters into my own hands…but it’s also inconvenient….but the tremendous heat we have had has sucked balls this year…when it reaches 90+ degrees inside it is not fun….not when I add hot flashes to the mix….I’m at a loss…the next step is installation of cameras outside…like if I could afford this shit….***sigh…

Life sucks big sweaty hairy balls

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This whole past week has been one painful long stretched out ordeal….my pain levels have been off the charts. I’ve been reserving my energy for class and nothing else. That means no cleaning or having my precious little girl with me. I don’t know how much more of this I can tolerate….it’s definitely not for sissies. My range of motion is severely restricted…anything and everything hurts….and I hate complaining about It….or depending on any one for help….to top it off the ac is out again…has been all week, have a clogged sink, overgrown yard….and a whole litany of things to add to the To do list…..can life get any suckier than this…..of course it can….stay tuned, same bat channel, same bat station….

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That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt…

I have probably over medicated..yet there is no relief from the pain…it has made it a challenge to concentrate and fully grasp the educational portion of my day.

Right now I am unable to get some sleep…mind is racing…the negative side effects are doing a number on me…

I just want a pain free day…I know that is asking for too much….I’ve tried being productive…have gotten a few tasks out of the way. I had wanted to do some reading but doubt it would be relaxing…

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It doesn’t take away that I love rain….but the kind of pouring I’m getting is gonna drown me. Just can’t catch a break….A/C troubles, water heater replaced, sewer line problems, truck problems (ongoing)…the list just goes on and on.

What to do? Nothing, just keep plugging away.

Temporary fix on the leaking sewer line. Basically a band-aid fix. Need a breather before I address the bigger issue. Baby steps.

This Sunday will also mark my last day at my current place of employment. Not ready to divulge where I’m going next. Just ready for a change and I’m hoping for the best. I am too old for the changes…but change with the times or the times will change without you…or me….

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