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She cried….

Today Big Yota uttered a cry. I heard her! They started her up, but she wasn’t well enough to stay turned on. She will be reevaluated tomorrow….maybe she will come back to us. I miss her and I did get a wee bit excited to hear her. She still has the new car smell….she will be having a 10th birthday in June and she has very little miles on her….barely 45,000+


That’s her up there….took that off google maps, she’s parked outside of where I work. Fingers crossed that a diagnosis and repair will soon be made.

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This morning the gross factor walked in- in all it’s stank glory…my gag reflex went into overdrive. I swear women can be nasty, at times nastier than men. (Sorry guys)


Ms. Thing came in with makeup melting BO and fingernails that looked like they’d been dipped in diarrhea. Not sure if the soul sucking stick she usually has attached to her blab trap is just that potent that she was still reeking as if she was stuffed with tobacco and lit on one end.

What is wrong with people? This particular person carries a name brand purse, wears decent clothing, tries to “pretty” up with makeup….and then those little details….dirty fingernails and stench….

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Family used to be important, lately I’m realizing that it is not. I find myself sending the “obligatory” holiday text…and receiving the “obligatory” reply to said text. WOW…it got to that. I’m partly to blame…after repeated rebuffed attempts…well I just gave up. This may be my last text to unsaid individual.

I’ve been working on some spring cleaning and going through old documents, ridding myself of tons of old statements, and going through boxes of old photographs. As I poured the hundreds of images from lifetimes past I couldn’t help but wonder if I should just chunk all those old photos. My kids aren’t all that interested in people they don’t know. I’m not close to any family, my circumstances no longer allow for travel…I do have some cousins in town, but we aren’t close at all….our paths have just taken us in different directions, and aside from blood, we really have nothing else in common. I don’t imagine that most of the photos I have will mean anything to my children…I did throw out some, people I used to know that I can’t even recall names or what connection we might have had.

My goal is simplicity.

My pantry is a reflection of said simplicity, I don’t want to have more than ten items at any given time. I cleaned out my pantry and freezer, gave to some good people who were truly in need. Went thru some clothes, didn’t get rid of enough, next round of purging will be next week, days off.

Slowly but surely….

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Technology is awesome, but also it is robbing me of my typing and spelling skills. Those wonderful features that auto correct and complete your words…well they are making me too lazy. I seriously doubt I could even do 25 words a minute anymore….that is so not good…so I need to step it up and practice more “writing”…I need to make a bigger effort to brush up on my skills. So I will try to get back to blogging or journaling. I am disgusted with my complacency…yet I love the technology that allows me to shoot a text faster than if I tried to clumsily type on a tiny little keyboard. I also hate texting, and using the phone…and my phone has been ringing like crazy, I don’t want to know who is calling cause I don’t want to be on the phone. I know I can be very unsocial I just consider it my being verbally economic….and for the most part I don’t have anything interesting to add…my life has become more vanilla than it used to be. My routine rarely changes…at times I hate it but for the most part I’m just getting set…in my old ways.

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I had already adopted the old fart….I traipsed here and there on my days off, juggling my own chores and everything else that came my way to ease life for him. I introduced him to others that also provided him with assistance….and all for naught, no appreciation, consideration, zip, zilch….well I am leaving out a betrayal.

So yeah, the old fucker, screwed over a friend, with far reaching ramifications…then the nerve to ask if I was mad. Well, I was a bit pitthed off….but I got over it….replaced the anger with disgust and disappointment. Feelings that are more appropriate for the shenanigans that precipitated my seperation from this old fuck.

Anywho…the karma….yeah, I just said to one of the aggrieved parties that I couldn’t focus on what he did, not enough energy for that….that energy is being used to shuttle my kin to and fro or other duties…so yeah, the phone rings, friend answers, and it is the old fuck…he has been in an accident. Thankfully it wasn’t a fatal accident, but for an old fart it still hurts…he walked away with a busted face and the loss of his teeth….not sure how many…

I didn’t want to be worried about him, but I couldn’t help myself…I repeatedly called him, no answer, called the hospital, then finally got through to someone that assured me he is okay, banged up some, but still alive and kicking.

Lesson here….let karma sort life out….karma does way more damage than I could inflict…well I could inflict a good share of it….but there’s that thing about energy….I just don’t have it.

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Patio dreams….

Inspired by my patio sisters (online community where we discuss/recap novelas) I’m thinking I’d like to revamp my patio in a cost effective manner….get some seating and a bar area….dreams are free, materials not so much. But the dream is there, the inspiration is just a click or two or ten away….it will be done…then I can enjoy the evenings in a new setting…dream, dream, dream….patio

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gota vaso

Rough translation….the straw that broke the camels back…anywho…the adoption has been cancelled. The old fuck really fucked up. The thing about some old school old people is that they feel they are in the right simply because they are old or older. That doesn’t cut it for me. I have systematically been reducing the nonsense that has no place in my life. Getting screwed over after going above and beyond to help someone and no appreciation as to what I’ve had to give up or juggle. My plate is full….I have no problem sharing, or doing for someone else…if it is within my abilities to do so…but to take advantage of everyone that has extended a helping hand and screwing everyone over….other people I brought in to help. countless lives affected…yeah…I can put a stop to that….and I can cut you out in a heartbeat. I’m getting better at it….along with being forceful in how I take care of what needs to be taken care of. old

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