Rushed and crushed…

So early this morning I get a call from the doctors office…can I come back? They have it in their notes that I work overnight and prefer early appointments, they have an 8 am opening, can I make it? Well let me juggle some balls….yup, managed to get someone to come in early and I go back to the imaging lab…for a biopsy, nothing like rushing around and not having time to think about the procedure, I didn’t even ask what type or anything…thankfully no sedation required, FNA Biopsy (Fine Needle Aspiration) Just a Band-Aid and some mild to moderate discomfort…what a trooper I am….seriously…should have results later today or tomorrow, I am good waiting until tomorrow, too much going on today to think about waiting on THAT call…and I am off, this was my morning break, have to head back out…so glad my Friday is tonight.fna

4 thoughts on “Rushed and crushed…

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  1. Those biopsies don’t feel good. It hurt me when I got one done years ago. I kinda jumped. Anyway, I hope everything will be ok. Sending positives vibes and prayers, ((hugs))

    1. Thanks and sorry you had to go through this yourself…and no they don’t feel good at all…still very tender, hopefully they went in where they needed to and I don’t have to have a do over.

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