Eternally Pessimistic…

Earlier this month I had the girls looked at and squished…you know just a basic screening, Monday I had a call back to go back for a second mammo…now we are at the diagnostic stage, as I was leaving I was called back for an ultrasound, so two mammos and an ultrasound, that hurts the pocketbook…as I was laying there getting the ultrasound I was able to see the screen and I saw a mass on the screen…of course the tech cannot speculate or provide any feedback…so now I wait until my Doctor calls me back…so my mind of course starts to go to the dark side…I have to mentally prepare for the worst, in my head I have made the decision to let one of the girls go, maybe both of them, they are twins and one without the other would be odd and incomplete…then I start thinking of a chest tat…and of course even darker…am I at stage one, two or….yep, always gotta go with the worst thoughts possible….great start to the week….but I should have answers soon…and no I am not stressed….yet…nor have I talked to anyone about this…so if you are here reading this then you are probably the first to hear about this, stay tuned for an update…ttfn


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