Fun Sunday exercise…

Took a few minutes from the crazy that usually goes on working the day shift to speak to three of our clients, names are drawn at random and we have an informal question and answer…(Questions/exercises are provided by our in house counselor)

Q. When/how did you have your aha moment? A. I should’ve known better. He always kept close tabs on me. He hated when I accused him of spying on me, so I just let him snoop. Jane Doe # 1. age 27 victim of emotional abuse and stalking.

Q. How/when did it start? A. It begins like a little drip you don’t even notice — an off-hand remark that is “just a joke.” I’m told I’m too sensitive and the remark was no big deal. It seems so small and insignificant at the time. I probably am a little too sensitive, but I didn’t start out being so sensitive, now everything is a trigger. Jane Doe # 2. Age 45, victim of emotional and psychological abuse.

Q. What are your thoughts on PTSD in relation to victims of domestic abuse?
A. Although I initially thought PTSD was a bit extreme, it’s been almost three years and certain noises or situations still trigger difficult memories for me. Jane Doe # 3. Age 32 victim of physical, mental, emotional, verbal abuse and stalking.Life sucks big sweaty hairy balls

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