Mental break…

Two hours in and I’ve already had quite the eventful night…which is a welcome distraction….glad it happened early on and was easy to deal with…so much appreciate the quick response from law enforcement….so glad it is Friday it has been a long week, I’ve yet to fully recover from last weekend. I am ready for a weekend of full on R&R, I may work on a few projects or I may do absolutely nothing…I do know I will have good company, there is that little girl that owns my heart, she has probably already planned a sleep over….doesn’t fail on weekends, she is my weekend buddy…the good thing is that she is getting better at entertaining herself so I get my rest/sleep…which I will need. As I hit the keys on this keyboard and see the words that are coming out of my head I am not too thrilled to see how old and tired I have become…not just with me but with the marrow…

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