aye so tired…

Mentally exhausted, physically exhausted…I do believe the mental exhaustion exacerbates the physical exhaustion….I gave myself permission to be lazy this morning, shifting my bedtime routine so I feel the slight differences…surprising what a small change of routine can do…

Been having my boys on my mind, miss them, miss my gbaby…she is growing so fast, I have one of each here (son and granddaughter) and enjoy them as much as possible, still I miss the other two boys…sigh…sometimes I wish I could clone myself and be everywhere…heck I wish I just had the energy to travel to see them…oh well…head is full of randomness…better shut it down…I think that is what it’s going to take…just a good mental break…from myself…

bokeh photo of man wearing black dress shirt
Photo by Danang Wicaksono on Pexels.com


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