After a few conversations with some of my readers/friends over my “water under the bridge” blog I felt I had to come back and explain some of my thought process…not easy to do as I tend to go all over the place with my thinking…and everything else around me…ADHD is beginning to look like a friend….

But back to the esplainin’…I am an avid reader, I love the written word, I don’t have a particular favorite author, I do have favorite genres…and I also read random blogs, political articles, historical pieces, etc, etc.. and one of the things that draws me in to any story I am reading is the ability to connect with the character or the writer…in my writing I tend to attempt to draw in my readers…it happens, they see themselves in what I write…often times to the point of them feeling it was written about them…that rarely happens…yes I may draw from current situations I may be in the midst of or simply observations…on the occasion that I do write about someone I will extend them the courtesy of giving them a heads up (and yes, I still have a couple of pieces to write by request…haven’t forgotten).

When I am reading someone else’s story I like to see how they ultimately resolve their dilemma often times it is feedback from readers that serves as a guide for them…it’s like reaching out to the universe for advice and the universe throws back its wisdom….me…well my resolutions don’t often work for anyone else…rarely do they work for me…but you can’t always turn back the hands of time and get a do over….I am more of a cautionary tale….

So when my writing resonates with you it is a “feel good” for me, it lets me know that something I had to say did evoke a feeling…maybe not the best feeling…but a reminder that we all are connected somehow….our life experiences sometimes are a mirror…and there was so much more I could say about my thinking and/or writing process…but there that thing again….ADHD…


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