Paying it forward…

First off I am thankful for the family and friends who have reached out, your doing so means the world to me….and as much as I hate crying…as I see it as a sign of weakness…I’ve bawled like a baby…..but I am much closer to my goal of getting to see my son graduate.

Now to the paying it forward part….as I have been going through things to get rid of to raise money I came across a young family headed by a single mom that was in need of food and clothing, some of the things I had earmarked for fundraising I instead let this mom take her pick, as for food I didn’t have much but she was able to complete a few outfits that will serve her well at her new job and there were some items that her boys will be able to use as well. Her gratitude brought me to a new wave of tears….we chatted and laughed about some of the struggles we have gone through, she felt embarrassed to be going through the bags of clothing I had set aside…I was able to put her at ease and she will be back for a haircut…I’m nervous about that, I haven’t cut anyone else’s hair in quite a while….but she can’t afford a haircut and it won’t cost me anything to help her out….I wish there was more I could do for her but she is a strong woman and she will be fine. Funny how life works…


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