New week…

So this will be week number two with my new schedule, Mon-Thur with a 3 day weekend….yay me. For so many years now I’ve had crap schedules, I made the schedules work in part because I had no choice…unless quitting was an option….which it wasn’t cause I didn’t have anything else lined up. It is hard to find a job that will not tax me physically…this one taxes me on a different level. Two things I hate, phones and talking to people on a phone…oh the irony….lol. By the time I get out of there the last thing I want to do is look at a phone…there are exceptions…family and a few select friends…this weekend I didn’t want to leave for fear I would miss a call from my son…I didn’t miss a call….he wasn’t able to call….I hope this week I’ll get to hear from him….let him know my new schedule, see how he is doing….this is a new chapter for both of us….and I’m off…want to get in a bit early every day….any overtime I can get will help…I have future travel planned and every single extra penny needs to be saved.

***Donations gladly accepted….just hit that donate button on the right.

Much love! Have a great week.

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