Though I try to not overshare with new people, I do so with old people….well not really old, but people I see almost daily….anywho…questions keep coming up in the “personal” section….sigh….

No, not married….I totally sucked at it and have no intentions of doing that shit anytime soon, perhaps never. Marriage is the DEVIL.

Yes, I get lonely, and that usually lasts for at most 5 minutes, then I’m good. Besides chocolate makes everything better.

No, not looking for a boyfriend, though I am not a man hater, I just don’t have any use for one. No, not even for “THAT”….

I am busy with work, family and friends….mainly busy with work….

I am not at work to be “courted” and no I’m not giving out my number….

But I do hear some funny shit…..and no matter what they may blather on about…all I really hear is “I’m really attracted to how unavailable you are.”


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