Random Radomness

Vanity be thy name, well no not at all.

There is a creature of sorts (my guess would be a fucking cutesy squirrel that ain’t gonna be so cute if we meet) chewing on something under my house. Not sure what the fuck it is. The damn squatter will hopefully be smart enough to leave on its own after we (by we I mean my boys) move some boards or die soon….then of course I may end up having to contend with the death stench. Life just doesn’t want to come easy….sheesh…if I didn’t marinate in bad luck I’d have none of it.

Went shopping today….stop number one yielded a skirt and a blouse, stop number two was more giving…I ended up with a skirt, jeans, bra, shoes, tights, trouser socks, and some other socks, some organic conditioner, 3 bags of Godiva chocolate, an HDMI cord and I paid nothing! (cause I used my gift cards and gift certificates I earned from my rewards cards.) I still have enough left over to shop for the boys….but I’m waiting for the prices to drop some more.

I did a load of laundry and I’ve yet to iron it….I did manage to put most of it away….that included stuff from the last time I did laundry.

Had a short convo (if it can even be called that, heck it wasn’t even long enough for me to bother spelling out the whole word) with the oven this morning….I am just left SHM….and wondering…oh well…on to other randomosity….

Got my nails done….by self…and tomorrow I will probably be undoing and redoing again. I am just no good at keeping my nail polish from smudging or chipping.

Also thinking of going shorter with the do….we shall see….I love the lightheadedness….

Back hurts, back is a bitch…which serves as a reminder that I am one too…..

Having lunch with my daughter from another mother tomorrow….can’t seem to decide on the where…last week we had lunch and I was so Italianed out…but funny thing is I’m craving Italian again….but I think I’ll cook Italian Saturday and leave it open for either Mexican or Chinese tomorrow….

It’s all I have for now….unless I can think of anything to add to this….

And piss on any busy bodies reading this….yes, PISS ON YOU!!!

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