Finally getting to that darned disclaimer….

I’ll preface it by letting you all in the internets know, that I’s got nothing else doing….for now anyway….so here goes….and I hope I cover everything (which is damn near impossible….so yeah…it’s whatever)….

Blog Disclaimer

TOS (Terms of Service / AKA the small print nobody ever bothers to read)

You are here either by accident or you looked me up because you were curious about me, or you are stalking me (pathetic if you are stalking me, there are far more fascinating people who are stalk worthy, sadly I am not)….or we have chatted before and I may have mentioned I write (blog) and you decided to check me out….well here is the part where I warn you to  STOP if you are sensitive and paranoid. You are here of your OWN free will, I am not forcing you to read this. Any information you take from here is done at YOUR own risk.

Any information provided here is strictly for entertainment purposes, I am not a medical, legal or otherwise expert on anything that doesn’t pertain to me, and even if it pertains to me I am still not qualified as an expert. So if I tell you to pull your hair out to stop your head from hurting and you follow suit, you are plain and simple too stupid to exist.

Reserved rights

I, at anytime I so decide to do so, reserve the right to change the focus of my blog, to shut it down, to sell it, or to change the terms of use at my sole discretion.

I reserve the right to moderate and delete inappropriate comments. I basically reserve the right to say or do whatever I want with the content, don’t like it, find the X on the upper right hand corner of this page and say goodbye.

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