No pot to piss in….

Thankfully I’m not there yet….but soon we may be….today was an eye opener for things to come. Having no medical insurance and a job that doesn’t have enough hours to keep me from worrying about how to make ends meet….no hope of getting insurance anytime soon either….oh well….enough stressing that…wish I was sitting on the pot of gold some think I sit on….instead I just sit on my ass….which doesn’t produce gold either… has been a busy day….running back and forth, well not running, I still can’t run, I do okay just walking…but picking sick child up from school, driving to dr, driving to pharmacy, dropping boy off at school, going by pharmacy to pick up prescriptions…having a mild cardiac incident, driving home, driving back to pharmacy, doing laundry, cleaning, getting grub prepped for dinner, folding laundry, putting things in dryer, taking things out….sigh…a mother’s job is never done….but I will reap the rewards….

Well off to finish off my womanly neverendingchores… 🙂

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