Damned if we do, damned if we don’t~

We seem to be the embodiment of this oft use phrase….”damned if you do, damned if you don’t” we could have coined it had it not already been a part of the American lexicon.

Breathing, waking up, agreeing, disagreeing, being complacent, being free-spirited, being independent, being dependent, calling, not calling, speaking, keeping quiet.

Watching TV, not watching, reading, not reading, cooking, not cooking, making choices, making the wrong choices…always the wrong choices.

I say to hell with it, given the option…I will opt for not putting out the effort, I’ll be damned either way….much easier to remove myself from the situation and let whatever damnation is to befall, to just fall without me in the mix.

Her approach is the total opposite of mine….she keeps trying…and failing…every single time. Same as me….every single time. So what approach would you choose?

With some people the same tired tug of war will always be in place, something’s got to give…or rather someone has. Who gives first? and what is the outcome? is it a saner outcome? Do we keep trying? Sometimes the outcome isn’t the best, there is such a sense of overwhelming loss and sadness but time will take its time doing away with that hollowness.

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