When you give it all you got, you sometimes end up with nothing.

Can’t say I gave it my ALL, I had to leave some behind just to survive…but I still ended up with nothing…I’m operating in the negatives. but hey that is life. Life also has a way of balancing itself out….sometimes it just takes a very long ASS time.

Karma has a funny way of working, when one door closes sometimes a bunch of others open…in the weirdest of ways. I’ve had recent contact with different people in my past, we are talking of upwards of maybe close to 20 years and some as recent as 10 months. Funny how we don’t think we can make an impact on someone’s life, yet we do, not always for the best, but to reach out after so long….mind you that I don’t quite get the point of the contact….and I didn’t initiate it. (I hardly ever do, I like to make my goodbyes (if I even bothered with a goodbye) real goodbyes. Some doors are meant to stay closed, so even though I allowed the door to become ajar it is time to quietly close it again, and this time put a lock on it.

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