Dirty words~

Abstaining, modification,refraining, withdrawing, withholding, go without, give up, curb….such dirty words, not ear friendly words for anyone on any kind of “diet”.

I’ve had to restrict myself, give up “something” I truly love that just isn’t good for me. Growing up all I needed to spur me in a destructive path were the words, “you can’t”, can’t do this, can’t do that, can’t have this, can’t have that, etc, etc. Now I am having to be all grown up about the whole situation and deny myself. I have to be the one to sternly say to myself, “Self, you CAN’T!!!”.  I’m so tired of adding things to the “can’t” have list…little things like a manicure or pedicure at a salon, a haircut by someone other than myslf….the list just goes on and on…I guess it is official I am now a member of the “have-nots”.

Chocolate is still allowed…and that’s only because I can’t afford for any doctor to tell me I can’t have that either. It’s the little things. ♥

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