Roughing it~

I don’t make good silly putty or a yo-yo for that matter, but I feel like the latter. Had another rough night, pain ( a constant presence in my life in one form or another) and insomnia. I am just exhausted beyond belief and having to pretend otherwise sucks. The boys will have been in school a full week at the end of the day, they’ve had a great week and have been very enthusiastic in their after school reports. So grateful for that brightness after daily darkness. I woke up with swollen eyes barely able to open them and finding that I really didn’t want to open them….I even missed the boys leaving for school. This morning has been more of doing what I did last night to make my eyes swell, but now I need to get the swelling down, it isn’t a very attractive look and it is hard to get my contacts in so I won’t do that until much later. I’m off to rest my eyes and hide under the covers today…just not up to dealing with life right now. Phone ringers are off, doors are locked, shades are drawn and my bed is calling, meds finally kicking in and I need the oblivion.

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