A death on the blogosphere~

I gave her life and I took it, creating her was harder, required more time and effort, taking her life was quite simple, all it took was the click of a mouse. But she is no longer goingon40, she is simply DOA. She had been a long forgotten step child so her absence will not be felt.  Some things just need to be put to rest, and life goes on. She grew some branches in the process and I ended their existence as well. If I run across anymore of the little twigs I will snip them in the bud.

Daily Mantra~

I am one of the strong ladies who have made it through so much in life…I am strong because I know my weaknesses, I am alive because I am a fighter, I am wise (somewhat debatable) because I have been foolish, and I can laugh because I have known sadness… I’ve making it through the rain and learning to dance in it!!

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