I didn’t fall in love…I drowned in it~

Still not feeling 100%, I’ve been run down, pukey and with no appetite, taking drugs on an empty stomach is not good. I can’t seem to keep track of those mental notes I leave myself where I swear I won’t do it again. Just as I was hitting the snooze slide this morning the boys came knocking on my door to let me know the power was out, I got up with them, found a lighter and some candles and they got ready in the dark and left for school, it took at least another 2 hours before power was restored.

I was watching a bit of TV when I heard about the earthquake on the east coast. Having friends and family out there and not knowing if they were safe was disconcerting, the phone lines were down but eventually I heard everyone I cared about was safe. Whew….

Had more paperwork to complete for boy # 3….felt bad that I wasn’t feeling any better and I fixed them burgers, which they were happy with but I had wanted to prepare something else. maybe tomorrow. Well I’m off….I’ve got a good book going and need to lay down.

Three too many~

Today not a good day, last night not any better….I took too many of these, those and them in hopes of obliteration. It didn’t work, my body is taking care of having my stomach pumped. I know I should eat, but I just can’t seem to get myself near food, the thought makes me ill, yet at the same time I know that the amount of “stuff” in my system requires the company of nutrition. No win situation.

To top off the craptasticness that life can be I opened unpleasant rejectionary email. Okay there are still plenty of hours left to today for a turn around of some sorts. It can’t all be a shitfest at Casa de Ruby. ..it just can’t. I am trying to convince myself that I will no longer allow shitfesting shit around me.

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