Un clavo saca otro clavo~

Bueno ese es el dicho, y pueda que si sea verdad. Y no es que tenga prisa en sacarme el clavo, lo prefiero bien metido pa que no se me olvide lo pendeja.

So much and so many were on hold, but it must have been a telepathic communication because my phone rang twice today. Quite unexpected, but pleasant.

Today I debated hair changes, and that is as far as I got, my back has been hurting like a bitch so I put off cutting or coloring. I took a muscle relaxer, but the pain goes deeper than the muscle…which is painfully obvious considering the lowly muscle relaxer hasn’t done shit for me. So I’m going to fall back on booze and heavy narcotics.

Dear whoever is reading this…you are an amazing human being, never forget that.

Do I dare????????????????

Everybody deserves someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow. I’ve got 3 of those, actually I have more than 3, but readily only 3 come to mind. Well actually there is you, and you too, because you are my BFFF’s, because you lift me up when I need it. You remind me of my worth. You make me laugh, even if it is at myself, which most of the time it is. But I’m funny…yes I said it, I am, believe that!!!!!

Never beg a person for something that someone else is willing to give you. So easy to tell someone this than to follow it. But as old as we are we are still learning. Sure we need to remind each other on occasion that we aren’t really the shit on their shoe, they just like making us feel that. Clearly THEY have issues. I’m deflecting.

If someone says they’ll always be there for you…make sure you find out exactly where “there” is. Sometimes “there” is not acceptable…I’ve been there, and yes I know you have too. Instead let’s blow this joint! I’ve got a few places in mind, and I’m going there today with someone who will make me laugh.

Even the sweetest memories have a bitter taste…not like lemon, cause lemons aren’t really bitter, they are more like sour. Sour is good, especially with salt.

I’m getting the urge to do drastic…usually that involves scissors or color or both. Flaming red with a dash of amethyst? Do I dare? I’ve got everything I need here….sheesh…someone please save me from myself, convince me a cake will make the urge go away.

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