Thar She Blows~

I tried keeping our insurance, (thanks for nothing HUMANA) but food and other necessities (such as electricity, water, mortgage, etc) trump healthcare coverage. So I paid out the ASS for this stupid policy only to have to not just cover the higher copays, but also 100% of my doctor visits, exams, lab work, x-rays and prescriptions, mind you everything was in-network. So basically I paid out the ASS to carry around 3 useless insurance cards. I’m trying to not do the math because it pisses me off and then I start bawling and turn into a blubbering mess in my bedroom with the door locked so the kids don’t have to see/hear me. What I paid for useless insurance coverage would have taken care of all the school supplies, new school clothes and maybe even a frivolous steak or two.

Thank you dear blog of mine for your great eyes and ears, you bear witness to my struggles, my loneliness, my joys, my happiness, my nonsense, my drivel, my randomness and my life. I don’t ask much of you and I appreciate that you let me vent. (Because you are mine.)

I have something else to bitch about…a virus, not the kind that makes one sick, unless one is a formerly cute little Dell Mini….a virus has rendered my Dell Mini useless and I just don’t have the $$ to fix you right now, so I will bury you in your coffin until I can take you to the doctor. Because children needing physicals for school take precedence over you, you get to lay in wake for a while. RIP for now little red friend of mine.

I need sleep, so if anything sounds stupid…I blame the bitch called insomnia, she isn’t letting me have my way with my pillows and covers. I hate her. I’m not even sure she is a she, but I don’t want to hear anyone bitching or whining about me being a man hater if I get to calling insomnia an asshole.

2 thoughts on “Thar She Blows~

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  1. It’s okay to chuckle at both…I need laughter (even if it hurts to laugh)…think I heard somewhere that laughter is the best medicine. I hope so cause things just get funnier and funnier. 😉

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