You should know I get a tad bitchy from time to time.

Things don’t change, they haven’t and they won’t. What things…hmmm…the desire to disembowel a tyrannical fuck.

Life’s too short to be miserable.

Life’s the longest damn thing you’ll ever do and to have an abusive, tyrannical fuck just prolonging your misery…well…


What would you do? Leave? What if leaving is not an option? Killing the asshole? Well of course that is always an option…but murder is quite a messy affair….there’s all that blood, not to mention the possibility of ending locked up in a cell. Sheesh…sometimes life is too complicated, but only because we make it so.

I want out off the merry-go-round, rollercoaster, seesaw, heck just get me away from the kids playground and drop me off where the grown ups go. Not sure where that is, but I aim to get there, I may drive around to see if I can find it, or maybe see if my GPS has a clue…or if anyone out there in the internets know give me a clue.

I was totally weirded out this past weekend, entering an establishment and having hands go up and out to reach out for my arm…I called it groping, but everyone else seems to disagree and tell me that that is not considered groping. Sure the word is most often associated with hands going all willy nilly into the nether regions, but I was not impressed with the attempts at getting my attention, if that is what it was. I just soldiered on and followed along all the while ignoring and slapping hands away. I do wonder if this is an activity exclusive to the taco hat wearing variety of the male species.

Laughter is good. HAHA!

4 thoughts on “You should know I get a tad bitchy from time to time.

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  1. If leaving wasn’t an option, I would make it one! Cause there’s no way I would stay in an abusive relationship. Somebody’s bound to get hurt and it won’t be me…lol

    Anyone who touches me on my arms or what not I consider groping, unless you really know me for many years then it’s ok but if your a stranger or an aquaintance, you better go somewhere and grope yourself. ppfftt! ;p

    1. I hear ya Frannie, unfortunately this is not about me but about a family member and they can’t/won’t make leaving an option.

      I’m glad someone sees the touching the same way I do. As if…what is wrong with people???

  2. Who the hell was groping you. Do I need to come and roll some assholes over!! I do not like the be touched by men that I do not know!! bleck!

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