The bitch is back~

By bitch I mean insomnia…not that she ever truly left me, she likes to stick close to me like a needy child….not that I really know what a needy child is like anymore…seems I’ve done okay in making my boys independent, they are away from me and having a great time…or at least that is what they lead me to believe. I’ve started another book but keep losing focus as I try to read it….eventually I’ll get that trilogy read and shelved. I’ve been keeping myself busy with random projects around here…might as well be productive if I can’t sleep…though I must admit I am not quite motivated to put my laundry away…it’s folded and neatly stacked just need to get it put away…or just leave it where it is and keep wearing the same old stuff…it’s really whatever with this damned heat I am not inclined to really bother with any of it, not that my old bday suit offers me a reprieve from the heat. There is nothing worse than breaking out into a sweat while doing nothing. How the hell is that possible. Sheesh….

I had a lunch date yesterday, well sorta, it was one of those where I didn’t bother getting ready for it because this particular person has a habit of issuing out invites and not following through, not even a call back to cancel. It’s whatever….see that’s my new attitude…it’s whatever…and it fits so many situations. I’m putting value on my time and myself, so yeah it’s whatever if someone just doesn’t think I’m worthy of their time…they probably aren’t worthy of my time either I just don’t dwell on it much, except right now that I brought it up…but yeah it’s whatever. I can already hear other unoriginal peeps stealing my new attitude…but guess what? it’s whatever….hehe.


Blast from the past~

Funny how life is. A glance at a box and then a sly glance and the discovery of another box and then that box is opened and WOW who’d have thunk it…sigh.

if only~

So it happened and she was transported back in time, time-lapse of 20ish years, she was but a mere child, they were but mere babies. The reconnect was seamless as if no time had passed and they spoke and discovered maturity that enabled some painful truths to be absolved. Hurts were cast aside, forgiveness is such a powerful thing, if not for the offender at least for the offended.

They caught up with each others lives, those babies now had babies, marriages and divorces. Life. Pure and simple, life had happened. They played a bit of what if, the thing about what if’s can be fun for a minute or two. But life only gives you what if’s to dream about. We simply do not have the power to snap our fingers and turn back the hands of time and live out the what if’s. But there is no harm in indulging it for a minute or two…or ten.

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