Well I was somewhat productive today, I took out the trash, something I haven’t done in quite a while (miss my boys), they are the trash taker outers) unpacked, last time it took me over a month to unpack, got one load of laundry done, tomorrow I’ll try to put the clothes away and get another load done. Did my dishes (miss my boys, they are the dishwasher’ers) talked to my boys…all three of them, they are enjoying themselves, Boy # 3 caught two fish but they were too small to keep so he released them. Boy # 2 spotted a rabbit but didn’t get to kill it, his cousin shot it, Boy # 2 skinned it….he said he ate it…I’ve my doubts on that. I miss them but at the same time I am happy for them, they are enjoying their time with cousins, aunt, uncle¬†and big brother.

Derrick and Andrew
Andrew and Derrick

Tomorrow I may try to bake some cookies, I may not have the energy but if not tomorrow there is always the day after that. I have a list of things I want to do while the boys are away, mainly clean and organize. I just realized that I am getting a feel for what life could be like once the boys are grown and gone. Too quiet, not that I mind quiet, I can go for days without talking to people…I’m a reader so when I’m reading I can easily put voices to the characters so in a way I’m not really in a quiet zone, I call those the voices in my head. Currently I have an Australian¬†character and curiously I hear the Aussieness coming out of that character’s mouth. Wonder if anyone else does that.

Oh and another thing I accomplished today…I kinda sorta cleaned my dresser…yay me!!! I need to add dusting to my to do list. Plus calling about my disability hearing and looking for a job. I hate the last part of this…well not the job part…I wouldn’t mind having a job I just don’t quite feel ready physically….but what can I do, I’m about to lose my insurance and no dying, ugly, rich insurance having future husband in the horizon. Life sure is a bitch I’d like to pimp out.

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