Red Beans & Rice ~ ♥☺♥ ~

Love me some Red Beans & Rice...yum

 So I am home alone for a spell, a girls got to eat…so that means a girls got to cook…and why am I calling myself a girl??? Okay an old hag has got to eat…yeah, girl sounds better but I am not deluding myself…so anyways….what to cook for one? I looked in the cupboard and it’s almost bare, but there are a couple of boxes of this and that and one of the boxes happened to be Tony Chachere’s Red Beans & Rice…can we say jackpot!!! woohoo

Chicken and sausage…check!!! I love cooking this, all the spices are already in the mix and it takes almost no time to prepare, I usually add both the sausage and the chicken and I’ve got my main dish, a side of mixed veggies and I’m good to go for the next couple of days.

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