A not So social experiment~

Ruby Cantu

So for the next week or two or more I will be living alone.  ALONE . BY . MYSELF. This will be the longest I will be without my boys, I have never done that so it will be interesting. I love my boys, I miss them. Boy # 1 told me that Boy # 3 cried because I didn’t say goodbye to him, true, GUILTY, I didn’t and Boy # 2 cried just because. Now I doubt any of them really shed a tear for me or my goodbyes, they get to visit with family, go boating and fishing and play video games. I was still asleep when Boy # 3 woke me up and I was not 100% coherent and had not yet made up my mind to head back home, but after getting up and taking a shower I decided it was time to head back, holiday be damned.

So now I am home and I’m hungry, there are a few items in my pantry and I will count everything, I’ve decided on a little experiment for myself, I want to see how long I can go without making a trip to the grocery store. I have plenty of chicken to get me through the next couple of weeks, I have some mesquite smoked sausage and a couple of slices of cheese. Oh one thing I do NEED is cream for my coffee. I had 20 gallons of water but I’m down at least 3.5 gallons. There are a few other odds and ends and this will be great practice for tougher economic times.

So this self serving experiment will test how long I can make the pantry items stretch, how creative I can get with my meals, how the almost complete isolation from other humans will work. As of tomorrow I will only take calls from the boys and Mystery Man. I will limit human contact to the cashier that rings me up and a few other social network interactions. I am relishing the time alone, I can wear my old birthday suit with my grungy socks, don’t have to shower or shave (but I will), I can sleep in or not.

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