Just stuff…whining, bitching, pet peeves & such~


Spring Break is right around the corner, along with Daylight Saving Time which starts on March 13 at 2 a.m. just in time to make us all discombobulated for St. Patrick‘s Day. Batten down the hatches and give me some green beer bitches.

My back has been a pain in the ass…well almost…it is hurting close to my ass…lower back, right side now…usually it is my left side with leg numbness thrown in the mix. So far not much of that on the right…hope not either, I need to be able to feel…besides trying to stand up and not being able to completely feel your legs is not cool. I’ve been once again hitting the bottle…not the sauce but the pain meds. This week I am doing very little, need to get my back to stop hurting like a mofo…got a road trip ahead and I’d hate for it to be completely miserable.  As it is we will be visiting family and we all know that in and of itself can be quite painful.

Starting road trip on TX 83


This morning I finally finished unpacking from my girls weekend…now it is time to pack again, secure a housesitter and all the other shtuff that needs to be done.


Currently on my pet peeve need to bitch about it radar are cell phones…or more like cell phone users that are attached to their devices. Nothing like inviting people for a get together you haven’t seen in a while and they proceed to spend the next 2 hours on their phones. RUDE and obnoxious…and not happening again….I’d rather sit alone than across from someone clearly not present….there off my chest…feel a tad bit better.

I think I just burned 5% off my back with my heating pad….sheesh.

Need water. 

4 thoughts on “Just stuff…whining, bitching, pet peeves & such~

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  1. Have a Fantastic time with family, Well try too anyway 😉
    Hope you didn’t burn your back too much, yikes!

    Oh yes! I so dislike when your hanging out with someone especially that you hardly ever hang out with and they text back and forth with someone else. It’s just rude! I have a friend who is known for that and I tell him whenever we hang out, you better tell all your girlfriends to quit texting you cause your having lunch with someone. gguurrrrrrrr


  2. I burn my back quite a bit, I can’t feel it on some spots so at least that isn’t too bad.

    I have just decided that I will no longer make the effort for anyone that feels their phone is more important than me….LOL

  3. Cell etiquette needs to be taught in school now!! Put the phone down in restaurants, when visiting friends, etc.

    Why hang out if you are gonna be on the phone. geesh

    And stop burning your damn self girl! oi vay

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