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  1. You’ll love it honey …….. I had it the same time last year and took it round London landmarks so it had some fun times – that bracelet has been to the Queen of England’s front gate so it’s got a splash of royalty

  2. Who made the bracelet? Or does everyone add a charm to it? It looks pretty!

    What’s in the journal? I belong to a Moms group in my area and a member recently moved to Texas. She had been an active member for a while so one of the ladies brought a journal and everyone wrote a note to her in the journal. I thought that was a great present! Very thoughtful.

    Hope you are doing well. We finally got our heater fixed…it was those damn stinkbugs clogging up one of the intake pipes. I don’t like those bugs at all.


  3. Diane, Tracy made the bracelet and Jen got the journal, not sure how the list got started, but probably thru a fab group….then a charm was added and an entry then it was sent to the next person, and so on….I do like the idea of the journal as a gift.

    Glad your heater is working now…stay warm. ♥

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