Mark your calendars~

I’m marking mine…sorta…well, I am blogging about it so I can reference it this way.

Last night I took one of my little happy pills…they aren’t really happy pills, they’re more like little round pills with a line in the middle and numbers and letters. Anywho…they are supposed to make me happy, but they’ve never done that and I simply doubt that I could ever find happiness in a little pill. I think I can find happiness in a bucket of butter pecan ice cream or under the covers. But I digress…so yeah, I took a little happy pill and while I was on the phone the sleepies started nudging me, so I got off the phone went and did my bizness (I had to go piss) and then crawled back in bed, for a minute or two or ten I thought to myself…”Fuck, you just broke the spell, you will end up reading, tossing and turning and not sleeping”….but then next thing I know I am trying to read, but I can only turn the pages a couple of times and nothing is registering, time to turn the lights out.

I was out, gone, visiting the land of darkness and dreams and sleep…yes, SLEEP. In all it’s wondrous glory, heavy lids, restful sleep. I cannot recall the last time I slept this good. Could it be? Could the answer really be in those round little happy pills with the numbers and letters? Could it have been the massage (with the happy ending)? Could it have been the ice cream? I don’t know, all I know is that it felt so good to sleep, to not wake up once, to not get up a million times, to not turn the lights on and off, to not turn the TV on and off, to not pick up my book, to not read at a mad furious pace….to just sleep.

It’s gonna be a good day!

4 thoughts on “Mark your calendars~

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  1. AWSOME!! so glad to hear you got sleep!! Maybe it’s the happy pills and Ice Cream together.. 😀 Hope you get another night of sleep too.

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