Catching you up ~

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie Pie~ Andrew ♥

Yesterday my little tater, boy # 3 turned fourteen, he woke up to two zits, and a mother that had just fallen asleep. My insomnia has been keeping me up all night and I had done some reading, tossing and turning and finally gave in to the zzz’s at about 5:30~ish. He took a shower then came to my room and just stood there….waiting. In my half sleep/half dead stupor I was like”what?” thinking he had asked me something and I missed the question. Poor baby just stood there hinting…..finally it dawned on me, he was waiting for me to wish him a happy birthday….bad mom. Sorta….earlier this month I had taken him out shopping and bought him a couple of shorts and other stuff, told him to consider it an early birthday present. He was okay with that. Saturday we went out to eat for his birthday, his pick, he chose Olive Garden….great choice. It is one of my faves. Boy # 2 was being an ass and didn’t want to join us…that hurt his feelings. But that is how his brother is…a jackhole whenever he wants to be…so I punished him by making him do his brother’s dishes.

Today I decided to get out for a bit. I had 3 gift cards to one of my favorite stores and decided to go and splurge….well I didn’t splurge much, found some Levi Boyfriend jeans and a black top, but I think I’m returning the blouse, it runs a bit too big for me….so anyway I finally spent all I had on one of the gift cards, it was a $50.00 gift card that I’ve been using for quite a while….I bought a bunch of stuff with that one card….cause I’m cool like that…or rather I’m just a cheap ass.

I was gone for maybe 45 minutes….long enough to be in too much pain that I had to pop a happy pill….and no it didn’t make me happy but it took the edge off the pain….for a bit…not nearly as long as I would like. That shit is fucking annoying…I guess I need stronger pain meds….so anyway I got home and put my pjs back on….and propped myself on the couch with a few pillows, heating pad and the remote.

I then got up after a while and started cooking…Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and Rice). Boy # 2 got home and I had him help me, made some brownies…actually Boy # 2 made them, all I had to do was spray the pan and pour the mix in and put it in the oven.

I watched  a bit more TV, the boys joined me, we ate in the living room, something I don’t let them do too often. Then I retired to my room. I went to bed with my book…read a few chapters and then gave up reading. Decided to get online, pay some bills, browse here and there and here I am now….

6 thoughts on “Catching you up ~

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  1. Awww, sounds like you had a good productive day. Happy Birthday to your son Andrew 🙂 great photo!

    Hope you get to sleep some tonight. (((Hugz)))

  2. Ah look, my boys!! How cute that pic is!!
    And happy birthday to you ‘not so lil tater’ anymore!! lol
    As for your boy#2 pffft for not going, tell him Tracy’s gonna get him! mwaaaaahhhhh
    Now you get some rest mz. shopper. 😛 Will be calling later!
    loves ya

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