Redneck Woman ~ Stories From My Life~ Gretchen Wilson

I came about this book at the ridiculous low sale price of 50¢ along with a few other books that were also marked down to the same low price. I wonder what the writer’s cut is from a book originally priced at $23.99 down to 50¢.

Anyway I had started another book and forty some pages in I just wasn’t getting into I put that book aside and picked up Redneck Woman. 200 pages and a couple of hours later I was done with that book, so I picked up another.

Wilson details her beginnings from a chaotic childhood on the constant move thru her rise to success. There are a couple of funny parts in the book, a family dog taking psychotropic medications and her grandmothers half assed attempts to kill her husband.

Oh and there was a Bonus DVD with an acoustic video performance…..

7 thoughts on “Redneck Woman ~ Stories From My Life~ Gretchen Wilson

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  1. I really liked her when she first came out. Her first CD was great, then I lost interest. I bet her life story is something else, though. Known a lot of women like her….hell, I was one. May have to check it out for a quick read.

  2. I haven’t heard anything about what shes doing and I haven’t seen her on any country music shows. It is sad when your book goes to 50 cents. It must make that person feel really bad.

  3. Honey
    Your talents are hidden under a rock – you could make money form blogging and your book revues are fabulous …..
    you have just made me laugh out loud with this book title

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