Ruby….A mystery that will never be solved~

So it’s Friday night, I am in great company, for now, it’s just me….and the boys, except they are not in here with me. Boy # 2 is on the computer, boy # 3 is watching TV and will have to call it an early night. He has an early morning coming up as he has to go out of town for a meet. I would love to go but it’s a bit over an hour away and too early for me, I’ll either be going to sleep when he is getting up or I’ll still be up. Poor baby is recovering from a bad cold, but I think he’ll be just fine, note to self, remind him to take his inhaler.

Boy # 2 brought his report home today, he had good grades, it’s always good to see that.

Started another book, but I’ve been too exhausted to really get into it. I tried reading but was dozing off.

This evening brought to you by....

I’m now listening to my playlist online and having a couple of cold ones (Miller Lite)….a rather enjoyable evening for me….the company is great. As of late I have been very much pleased with how well I have been getting along with myself.

5 thoughts on “Ruby….A mystery that will never be solved~

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  1. Dozing off is good right? at least your getting little short naps here and there 🙂 A cold beer sounds really good, but don’t have any in the house.

  2. dozing off is great, but then not so great, i was on the couch, the front door was open, so i had to get up to close it…then i got back on the couch and i started to hear the tick tock of the clock and that killed it for me, should have just gone to my room….by the time i did the boys got home and they had to come and show me this and that and then i couldn’t go back to sleep…lol

  3. I hate when that happens. You are so comfy and don’t want to move but yet you know you have to do something you didn’t do and then when you go back to your position, you can’t get that comfy postion back again like before.

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