Excerpts from Summer Island~

Page 137~Ruby had always been an expert at denial. Even as a child, she’d had the ability to compartmentalize and forget. She could always box up whatever she didn’t want to face and store it away. It had been this very trait that had allowed her to shut Nora out of her life so completely. Out of sight for Ruby had always meant out of mind.

Where I'd rather be right now~

Well I am off to read some more got a little over 200 pages to go and be done with this book.



Triptych ~ Karin Slaughter

Triptych -is a work of art (usually a panel painting) which is divided into three sections, or three carved panels which are hinged together and folded.

An Atlanta police detective is investigating the murder of a prostitute when he discovers that several other women were also killed in a similar fashion. When the detective is joined on the case by an agent from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the reader gradually begins to learn what’s really going on, and the truth is a shocker.

It can be difficult to read a book like this, so bare does it lay the pain of its characters. At the same time, the people in “Triptych” are so real and so well-developed that the reader can’t help but feel empathy for them, and thus we are drawn even deeper into the ingenious plot.

The Front ~ Patricia Cornwell

I got addicted to Patricia Cornwell through her Scarpetta series. I was left wondering, what the fuck….this book was a larger print and a quick read at just 180 pages. Seriously a waste of time. I was not impressed with the politics of the characters, there wasn’t much mention of The Front. Glad I didn’t pay for this book, I will not keep it in my collection.

True Colors~ Kristin Hannah

Spanning nearly 30 years in the lives of the Grey sisters of Water’s Edge, a waterfront ranch on the shores of Washington state’s picturesque Hood Canal, first meet the sisters in 1979 just after the death of their beloved mother. It’s obvious from the beginning that her loss is going to leave an enormous hole in their hearts and have long-lasting effects in the lives of these young girls. But even worse, their grieving father Henry buries his soul when he buries his wife, coping with life by drowning his sorrows in a bottle of hard liquor.

The book quickly fast forwards 13 years where we find oldest sister Winona just beginning her law practice in the nearby town of Oyster Shores, Aurora a young wife and mother of twins, while the youngest the beautiful but fragile Vivi Ann is an expert barrel racer on the western rodeo circuit, living at home, helping her father on the failing ranch that has been in their family for generations. Vivi Ann soon comes up with a plan to save the ranch and resurrects it into a thriving horse arena for lessons and competitions.

Meanwhile Winona, who has been fighting a weight problem all her life, may, at long last, have romance come her way when her childhood crush, veterinarian Luke Connelly returns to town. She is excited that this time their relationship may become more than just friendship–until he is captivated by the beautiful ViviAnn. Although Vivi Ann doesn’t totally return his feelings, they eventually become engaged. Winona has a difficult time hiding her jealousy. All of this causes a rift between the sisters that won’t soon be mended, especially when the new ranch hand and quintessential “bad boy” Dallas Raintree excites Vivi Ann much more than Luke ever can. This sets in place a tragedy that changes the complexion of the sisters’ relationship forever.

On Mystic Lake ~ Kristin Hannah

What do you do when everything you hold dear, everything you believe yourself to be, proves not to be true? Like Scarlett O’Hara, you go home, if not to Tara, then to the last place that you felt like you. Award-winning author Kristin Hannah makes her hardcover debut by taking readers to just such a place in On Mystic Lake. As her only child leaves to study abroad and her husband admits his love for a younger woman, Annie Colwater feels invisible. Having devoted herself to being the best wife and mother she could be for the last 20 years, Annie no longer knows who she is. She heads home to her father and to Mystic, Washington–where she grew up, where the dreams she barely remembers first blossomed, and where her first love, Nick Delacroix, still lives. Back in Mystic, Annie receives a healthy dose of perspective: Nick’s wife has recently committed suicide, leaving Nick to find solace in the bottom of a Scotch bottle while his 6-year-old daughter, Izzie–who hasn’t spoken since her mother’s death–is doing her best to “disappear” just like Mommy. Annie volunteers to care for Izzie, since Nick cannot understand what his grieving daughter needs. And in the process, Annie recovers herself, the woman she thought gone forever, while Nick realizes that his future lies with Annie and Izzie. Just when the future starts to look bright for the three, Annie is faced with a devastating choice between the life she thought had left her behind, and a new beginning with Nick and Izzie, who helped to unearth her forgotten dreams.

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