Miriam…yeah that’s the name I will be screaming like a mad lover!

I apparently chose my man very well, what man willingly takes his woman into shopper’s paradise and gives her cold hard cash to spend! He’s so fabulous! We left out Saturday morning and headed straight to the mall and were amazed at all shopping possibilities. I bought some clothes at the GAP and Old Navy and everything fit perfectly…I found some shoes for a wedding I’m in Sept. 15th and we had some yummy food at a Chili’s in the mall…that’s right Chili’s in the mall – I started to feel a little light-headed, but maybe it was the 10 laps around the mall…I also found a fabulous purse! Oh and some boots…the kind with the square toe and chunky heel that I can wear with the leather jacket that’s been hanging in my closet for years and for the day will make me feel like a rebellious biker chick….got some great bargains on some jewelry, a necklace I had been eyeing for a while and the earrings to match….we went into a new store where everything is black, the perfect blouse beckoned me and the cutest little black skirt….guaranteed to highlight the length of my legs….the same legs that start growing out of my neck….then I turned around and woke up. I was dismayed to realize that the trip to the mall with the beloved had been just a dream…and I should have known that before waking up or at least realized in my dream that it was a dream. I shop alone! I am not handed any cold hard cash to go and buy till my heart’s content. We have no GAP, after dreaming about those squared toe boots I need to buy them….I know I will be looking for them like a crazed shopoholic…because when I tried them on I felt IT….IT…that feeling of heavenly shoe perfection….who the heck is getting married September 15th???????

Miriam, by BORN

But yeah, these boots, they will be mine, even if I have to sell off a kidney, well maybe a kidney is too much, plasma, blood?…I’ll figure something out.

I make shit up. All the time. Like… I’m even making this up.

I sleep with a stuffed rabbit actually it’s more like a stuffed belly…or it feels stuffed….just bloated and swollen…Cause I had more watermelon..But I do have to sleep with my 4 pillows…two under my head and one I hug…and another over my face. I am a decent speller. Not the speller that does weird hexes and such, the speller with letters that make up words…. I am lame….but I am also quite content today….even though I have a scratchy throat….stuffed up nose, tired as all get out…and a bit random.

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