The Parenting Chronicles~

I am a good parent!

Parenting~ I love my kids, but parenting sometimes sucks, especially taking the role of mom and dad….there’s the days when I take into account how much easier it is as a single parent than it is to battle an opposing partner. I have the luxury of calling the shots and not being undermined like so many traditional two parent households…..but then there is the downside of not having the other parent to lean on and that blows. I do want my babies to know that I love them and that if they give me reason to trust them I will give them leeway but if that is abused then all bets are off and then I have to be stern and not on their a$$ but in their a$$. They don’t want me that involved….but if I have to be then I will be….Boy # 2 wants to know if he can go to school early, like around 6:30am…uhhh…NO, not only No, but HELL NO. Oh and wants to stay after school hanging with his friends until around 5ish, again…uhhh…NO, not only No, but HELL NO. That is way too much time around possibly bad influences. I get that some parents would be okay and not think twice about it, but I’ve been a 15-year-old boy before…well not really a boy, but at the time I was a tomboy, so that is close enough. I used to get to school early and stay late…I know that it is easy to get involved in doing stupid stuff…so nope, this mommy is going to keep being an overprotective mommy.

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  1. Hi Ruby 🙂
    The way I handle it is too make my home the social hub, there are less than 5 homes that I trust my daughters in but the observation began on my turf, than they don’t feel over-controlled even though they are….bwahahaha

  2. Phoenix,

    That is great idea and in the past this has been the go to home, his friends are all spread out making it harder for parents to coordinate drop offs and pick ups, especially if they have to work. I don’t let mine go anywhere until I have spoken to the parents and confirmed that someone will be there to supervise. I’ve been finding that most of the time the other parents aren’t aware that the kids have made plans. How are you doing?

  3. You are an awesome mom and dad Rubes!!!
    I suck when it comes to being a good parental unit… ok maybe not suck, but wish I could do more!
    I loves ya

  4. Hey Ruby, I’m hanging in there, everything is shifting so more running around and less Internet time…
    Yeah I find most if the parents won’t share chauffeuring the kids around and leave their kids unsupervised too much…. Just get him a hamster :-p

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