STUPIDITY: doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different result each time.

 STUPIDITY: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.

Or is that insanity? Well for me I guess it is both and then throw love in the mix and well, that will lead only to some more stupidity. I know what I’m saying, but don’t expect anyone to follow my illogical nonsense.

The time has come to let go of that bit of “Hope”. I had an epiphany, kept me awake but it was also a plot twist and the need to finish reading the book…just so I could start another.

I’m tired, like really tired, like I’m ready to disconnect, to move on, move away, I am ready for a do over…a makeover…start over. HELLO

So I am officially going on the market, going to the market, but not to get tainted eggs. I want a new house in a new city, new friends oh and a new car…wake up…can’t I’m asleep…which means I have some mad skills.

6 thoughts on “STUPIDITY: doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different result each time.

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  1. New friends…bite your tongue.
    Ok well dump all the old ‘cept for me!! 😛
    You could not live without your insane twin!
    Loves ya more n my luggage!!

  2. I don’t wanna bit me tongue, in the new Karin Slaughter book I just started the killer bit off the victim’s tongue…I’m waiting for the ME’s report to see what else was done.

    I’m dumping a few…or maybe they’ve already been dumped…I’m speaking in riddles here.

    No I could not live without you, you are one of my favorites, and good to know I’m way ahead of the luggage. 🙂 Loves ya!

    1. my cousin bit off part of his tongue when our garage door slammed down on his head!! OUCH!!! I cry when I just nip it a lil!!

      And yes, you are way ahead of the luggage!! 😛

  3. Derrick once got a big gash in his, you could fit a quarter through it, something about the pain threshold when you are a baby, he didn’t even cry, but then he didn’t cry much when he split his forehead open and had it stitched…

    Yay, I’m ahead of luggage!

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