Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series continues with Faithless, once again revisiting Sara Linton the Part Time Medical Examiner and pediatrician, her ex husband Police Chief Jeffery Tolliver and Detective Lena Adams. Slaughter deftly weaves the characters backgrounds into her narrative of the current crime. In this installment Sara and Jeffery stumble upon a grave of a young woman who was buried alive.

Domestic abuse is one of the topics that Slaughter explores here…with the continued abuse of Adams and a subplot involving a possible witness. Other  issues such as abortion, fundamentalist Christianity and Bible thumpers with unholy dealings and traditionalism dip and swirl throughout the novel. Her treatment of these issues, and others, is extremely evenhanded, with all points of view presented equally and with the author not taking any particular side, either implicitly or explicitly. As a result, the exploration of these issues adds to, rather than detracts from, the plotline. Slaughter’s primary focus is on the characters, all of whom are very much human and flawed in their own way.

550 pages ~2 day read

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