A very lazy Sunday~

Lola was lazy today, like totally. Watched 10 episodes of Soy tu Dueña, Texas Country Reporter and Dateline. Of course I took several breaks, got up to eat watermelon, then made some pigs in a blanket. Then back to the couch. Then got up again to make some potato soup, it turned out good, I may go and have another bowl as it seems I am still hungry. I forgot to pick up bread so I can’t make a sandwich.

Tomorrow I need to get my car washed, it needs a bath, really bad. Sometime this week I also have to take my truck back in to get my tires looked at again, I’m sure I have a slow leak. It’s always something, oh and the truck also is due for an oil change, and both vehicles need to be fueled up.

I also need to get some packages mailed off, books for my bff Tracy and mail, magazine and shirt for boy #1. Oh and also need to mail off my notarized affidavit for that long-lost child support check for $79.20.

So that’s all I’ve got coming up…that I know of…wait, one more thing, we are out of drinking water, need to refill all the water bottles. Oh and Wednesday Boy # 3 needs to get registered.

That’s all folks.

Pretty exciting stuff...

My guilty pleasure~

Today is all about my lowbrow sad taste in telenovelas. Yep, I’m going to be watching several hours of spanish soaps. I’ll take a break in there to make some chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, some veggies and maybe even a cake. But for the most part I will be laying on the couch being a bum. Happy Sunday!

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