Dead Silence, Book 1~ Stillwater Trilogy

I’ve been meaning to get this book review done for a while now. I read Dead Silence at the end of last month, but got distracted with “life”. So here goes.I read books 2 & 3 before I could get to Dead Silence, that is where I became acquainted with Grace Montgomery, a bit mysterious about her past, and decidedly closed off. At least that is the Grace I met in the other books to this trilogy, Dead Silence filled in the blanks to what had happened to her and why there was a body buried at the family’s farm.

Brenda Novak is a master at hooking the reader from the first page, making her books hard to put down. I couldn’t read fast enough to get to the ending knowing that there would be a twist. Grace’s experiences in high school could very well be the experience of many a girl, in fact I know these women that have similar backgrounds, to a certain extent so do I.

The loyalty displayed by this family especially older brother Clay who has struggled with guilt at not being there to protect his sister is quite touching. I found myself rooting for this family despite the big dark “secret”.

I highly recommend the entire Stillwater Trilogy!

Dead Silence

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