It’s been a while since I’ve just done the straight up randomness…here goes…today I took Boy # 2 to get his registration out-of-the-way. He is now officially a Sophomore, hard to believe…anyways…he got his schedule and books and his school ID. He will have orientation next week, I don’t think I’ll be up for that and hope he goes on his own, more than likely he will want mommy with him. Next week will be Boy # 3’s turn to do the same.

I had both boys go thru their closet and get me what they no longer are wearing, I have a pile going and I am ironing the shirts, hanging them and putting them up online for sale. A couple of shirts I haven’t seen them wear and I know there are a few more that I know will be on the to go pile. I will price them fairly cheap and I know they will sell, as I’ve had luck doing it this way instead of hassling with a yard sale.

Stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few items, only things I had coupons for…I’ll likely be baking cake soon…haven’t had cake in a while. Well except for wedding cake weekend before last…but that doesn’t count….neither do all the baked goods I had while on vacation.

Tomorrow will be a stressful day, I will be robbing Peter to pay Paul…Peter is my rapidly dwindling savings account, I renamed that account, previously that account was called Moi. Paul…well Paul is my doctor, hospital, medical and all those other accounts that are demanding payment. My last little trip was probably not a wise one, neither was the one before that…but my sanity was at stake so I made sacrifices…I feel like a damn martyr…and no, not in a religious sense. I’m always sacrificing this, that or the other…but it’s all my fault…I made my bed, got in it, knocked all the fucking covers off, got tangled in the sheets and invited the devil to lay next to me.

I also will have to pay full price for school lunches for the boys, which totally sucks, they go off of my disability check, but that check is not nearly enough to cover the regular monthly expenses….that’s why I’m always hitting up good old Peter. Boy # 1 was also in an accident and his car is needing to be repaired….I would love to help him with that….well enough whining about how broke-ass I am…someone will likely remind me that I am still breathing and then I’ll have to go into that whole breathing don’t pay the damn bills….

So yeah the poor house is fast becoming my reality…too many bills and not enough bucks. So if you have an extra dollar or two you want to contribute to Peter feel free to click on the donate button.

Dead Silence, Book 1~ Stillwater Trilogy

I’ve been meaning to get this book review done for a while now. I read Dead Silence at the end of last month, but got distracted with “life”. So here goes.I read books 2 & 3 before I could get to Dead Silence, that is where I became acquainted with Grace Montgomery, a bit mysterious about her past, and decidedly closed off. At least that is the Grace I met in the other books to this trilogy, Dead Silence filled in the blanks to what had happened to her and why there was a body buried at the family’s farm.

Brenda Novak is a master at hooking the reader from the first page, making her books hard to put down. I couldn’t read fast enough to get to the ending knowing that there would be a twist. Grace’s experiences in high school could very well be the experience of many a girl, in fact I know these women that have similar backgrounds, to a certain extent so do I.

The loyalty displayed by this family especially older brother Clay who has struggled with guilt at not being there to protect his sister is quite touching. I found myself rooting for this family despite the big dark “secret”.

I highly recommend the entire Stillwater Trilogy!

Dead Silence

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