Thrown off schedule~

Yesterday I had a few things I had wanted to get done…that in itself is not a big deal if I plan it right. I don’t yet have the energy or stamina to run around all day long. Well somehow I ended up (throughout the day) wasting over 6 hours on the phone. That is a whole lot of talking and not enough doing. Of course I have no one to blame as I was the one that either picked up the phone to take the call or pick up the phone to make the call. I am not much of a phone person, I hate calling people. (Skyping is not included in this diatribe.)

So on my list of to do’s was my car….but I didn’t get to it, it’ll have to wait until Monday. I think I may be due for an oil change (I’ll send boy # 2 out to check) and I also need it trip checked. I also need to get my truck in for a trip check. I like keeping both vehicles at the ready so it is vital that I keep up with those pesky little issues. *sigh*

Last night (or rather this morning) I was done with the phone and felt my meds had kicked in and I was ready for bed, but I had to pee (sorry if that is TMI) I got up to take care of my business and came back to bed. Well all that did was serve to remind my body that it was not really ready for sleep. *sigh, again* So I picked up my book and read a couple hundred pages and finally dozed off, only to be woken up by my beautiful boys right as I was getting to that peaceful place *sigh*

It’ll happen soon enough, I’ll get sleep. maybe I’ll get a nap in today. But I am now off to shower and settle in to watch TV. Happy Saturday to one and all.

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