I give~

I give up…I am throwing in the towel. For the first time ever I will be taking something that I hope will help me sleep.

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      1. that’s the one I took last year that made me lose it. Roger was freaked out. That’s what I thought it was for anti-d not sleep. It made more depressed and nutty than normal.

        At fab, a couple people say they like. So it’s all in who takes it i guess. It may be great for you.

  1. Be careful of Ambien. When Michael takes it, he tends to talk and walk in his sleep. I even found him one night in the middle of the kitchen floor. How he got down there, I don’t know…no cuts or bumps…maybe he thought it was the bed!

  2. Fingers crossed. Get a good nite sleep my Friend and hopefully you stay In your bed and wake up refreshed and feeling good<3

  3. I took Trazadone before as well. I was given it as an anti-depressant, but I hated how I felt on it…. I think I cried more while taking that drug than I did to be prescribed it.

    Good Luck with that! Hope you can get some sleep soon!

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