Day 3 & stuff~

Today was day 3 of PT…and I survived the one hour of exercises. Surviving may be an overstatement…I’m left feeling blah about anything else. I’ve managed a short nap, but still waiting for my crash and burn.

And in other news….

start of a dream~

Finally, my manuscript is in the works! I have 14 pages and 6,808 words….clearly I have a long way to go. But it is a start of a project that I have been talking about pursuing for quite a while. I have had the continual support and encouragement from many a friend. For that I am grateful. I am starting from scratch not knowing the process of putting together a print ready or print worthy manuscript, I would like to forgo the need for an editor but will go that route if need be. I trust that I have enough honest friends that will be honest when I ask for their imput.

I will make an attempt to dive in head first and write every day. That is the key, to carve out time solely for the purpose of seeing a project come to fruition.

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