Medicate, intoxicate, obliterate

Medicate, intoxicate, obliterate…that’s where I am today, tired of being tired, tired of not being able to sleep, tired of the pain, tired of life, my life, my life right now. I miss my old life. I miss my freedoms.

Tomorrow will be day three of my PT, part of me wants to cancel, but I already had to cancel Monday. I know I need it, but I have issues with the cost of each visit. I also have been in more pain when I’m done. I don’t like that part of it.

I need a pedicure…can’t reach my toes to do it. See it’s the little things that get to me. A pedicure should feel like a treat, not something else I have to add to my budget.

I guess I really am on a roll of negativity so I’m gonna quit while I am ahead. I have some research to do….some stupid questions to ask and a refill to go and get.

BTW…(click →) here’s the other blog where I shamelessly make my plea for donations to my fix-me-up fund. Check it out if you are feeling generous, pass it along to someone who wants to adopt an old brokendownbeatenupbylifeoldhag.

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