Needed/Wanted: New ass, tummy & boobs

 Inspired by my awesome  friend Tracy who has a big set of breastesses that she needs reduced and a tummy tuck to make her feel like the sexy woman that she once felt she was. (I happen to think she is still sexy.)

Needed/Wanted: New ass, tummy & boobs! So what do I need/want? A new ass for starters, this old ass I have could use a lift, maybe some implants too, my tummy…well it’s a bit fuckered up from having 3 kids, a botched procedure, and then having it sliced open again for my last back surgery….and I need a new belly button, this one I have looks nothing like it used too. Finally, the boobs, they are still somewhat perky…maybe a slight lift.

LIke this?

Now why am I going this route? Well I am currently crippled, unemployed and insurance doesn’t cover any of these procedures. After paying for an additional two back surgeries and getting laid off while trying to recover, my self esteem has taken a nose dive. I am supporting 2 kids as a single parent with no child support, helping my oldest with college expenses, maintaining a home, utilities and of course stretching every dollar as much as possible as I do not want to get on welfare.

I have mastered the art of feeding a family of three on a budget of about $40-$50 a week, but with two growing boys it is getting quite difficult to make that work, usually my grocery budget is the only place I can skim money from. School is starting up soon and of course I will have to buy school supplies and new clothes….so any donations are welcome. Yes I feel pathetic asking for help, but I do what I gotta do, so this is my begging blog.

Kisscut ~ Karin Slaughter

Clearly I was hooked at the end of Chapter 3 which the book starts out on a Saturday, with a relaying of the activities and investigations the book covers barely two weeks, in this time frame the characters and their history is slowly exposed.

I don’t have the book that introduces these characters, (Blindsighted) but Kisscut does a well enough job delving into the characters and rebuilding whatever history I may have missed in the previous book.

Pathologist Sara Linton, who has been dating her ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, is witness to Tolliver’s fatal shooting of a teenage girl when the girl threatens to shoot a 16-year-old boy in a standoff outside the local skating rink. A search of the rink turns up a dismembered fetus in a toilet; Sara’s postmortem reveals the girl had a long history of abuse most gruesomely, her vagina is sewn shut. Working the case alongside Jeffrey is Det. Lena Adams, herself the victim of a recent abduction and rape, who is also trying, with difficulty, to come to terms with the death of her gay sister. Questioning Mark, the boy who was almost shot, Lena gradually uncovers a true horror show of pedophilia, incest and kiddie porn, an inverted world where parents rape their children before peddling them to strangers for money and blackmail. Slaughter adheres to the traditional mystery format, but turns up the shock factor tenfold, demonstrating that the deepest depravity can be business as usual in small towns as well as big cities. The undertone of violence is pervasive, even at quiet moments (“Lena was able to pull her hand away, but not before she felt Grace’s thumb brush across the scar…. The touch was tender, almost sexual, and Lena could see the charge Grace got out of it”), amplifying Slaughter’s equation of intimacy with menace.

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