Chocha check up~

Dear Diary now you are up to speed….so I can carry on with my life. BTW….I still think there is something yummy about my doctor.

It had been almost 2 years since my last check up, so today I finally got it all done. Had my chocha check up, which should be done yearly, just hadn’t made the time to go and get that taken care of, had blood work done, got some new prescriptions….also got a placard application that I just noticed was not signed…so will have to return to get it completed….just not today.

I left without eating or drinking anything figuring they would send me to the lab….which of course they did. So now  I am starving. I’m thinking bacon and eggs, with a side order of refried beans and some fresh tortillas….oh and my coffee. I left here without coffee….which I need…right now….


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