Handy like a man~

Well…that is a big overstatement….I went to get groceries this morning and also picked up a weed eater, got it out of the box and tried putting it together, damn chinese instructions…well I don’t know if it was chinese, hell everything else is….well I couldn’t get the top part of the handle into the bottom part of the handle…so I gave it up….then I had boy # 2 try…he couldn’t either so I told him to quit before he tried making it fit….then I decided to try again…and I finally got it…woohoo….tomorrow…or the next day when I feel a bit more rested I’ll have the boys go try it out, lets hope it works…..if not then I will have to take it back….granted that it may work but the problem could be on the user end of it. I’ve never used a weed eater and will experiment in the back yard in case I fucker it up….do not want witnesses.

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