Stupidity knows no bounds

Last night while skyping with my friend Tracy, she alerted me to a comment on her blog about me. In essence this moron had the ability to cure me of my scoliosis, and better yet, he could do it over the phone. Like I’m really just going to pick up the phone and call a kid out who knows where and believe he has the cure. Where do this people come from? What makes them tick that way? How do they come to believe that they can blow on someone’s feet and make a leg grow a couple of inches? What are they smoking? I want some funny stuff to smoke too…but that could be dangerous…can you imagine the stupidity that would come out of my mouth if I smoked anything funny, as it is I can spew stupidity without any help. You can go here and read all about it…. click here>>>> Living with scoliosis

***No disrespect intended***

You just can’t make this shit up.

12 thoughts on “Stupidity knows no bounds

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  1. And to think, If I didn’t hate myself so much I would not have MS!! Wow, so wish I knew this back in the day!!

    Roger and I are still in amazement over this. It would be funny except for the fact that these people can be dangerous!!

  2. sounds good…

    I’ll try to get my butt in gear to make sounds for them all too!!

    Hey open up another blog talk for us. Then we can do it weekly!!

    We can call this one the padded room unplugged! 😉

  3. Gotta tell you, Ruby… if blowing on my feet will make me a couple inches taller, I’m all for it… hang on.

    Just another second…

    Nope… nothin’… nevermind.


  4. Steve, did you check out his vids? OMG…not cool to mess with people like that…I think Tarc and I will call and see what we come up with…will update on any miracles.

  5. speaking of smoking ‘funny’ stuff, if you’re open minded and want to rid yourself of most of the pain, i would honestly suggest trying medical marijuana. i’m twenty years old and recovering from my surgery last september. the doctors would write endless prescriptions for pain meds, but nothing even took the edge off. i would only feel tired and groggy, and i could barely stay awake.

    medical marijuana is specifically grown and customized to relieve chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, IBS, side effects from chemotherapy, anxiety, etc. there are certain strains of MEDICAL marijuana (also called chronic) that help more than others, but i can guarantee you will feel relieved! the field of medical marijuana has grown so much, there are foods you can eat with THC (the ingredient in marijuana that gets you ‘high’) in them, these work best to get a ‘body high’ to relieve your pain.

    i have had my medical marijuana card for over a year, which allows me to carry marijuana and grow my own if i would like. if you don’t want to grow it, you can go to a medical marijuana dispensary and buy strains of marijuana, and medibles. some of my favorites are THC suckers, THC lemonade, special brownies, special rice crispy treats, etc.

    again, this is just a suggestion, as it works like a charm for me.
    i wish you the best of luck!

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